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Welcome to the St. Joseph Arts Academy 2020 Spring Music Contest.

Information and application below.

2020 Application SJAA Evaluative Audition App

Google Classroom Link

ST. JOSEPH ARTS ACADEMY SPRING MUSIC CONTESTS Friday, May 1, 2020 (Online Video Submission)

Evaluative Audition Requirements: 1. Perform technique requirements (scales, etc.) for your level 2. Perform two contrasting pieces from memory 3. Sightread (Not Applicable to Video Submission) 4. Take the written theory test (Not Applicable to Video Submission)

Audition Fees:

Student entry fee = $0 Student entry fee Non-SJAA = $15.00 Teacher fee for SJAA members = $0 Teacher fee for Non-SJAA member = $5 per student

Students perform 2 pieces and level appropriate scales/chords for constructive feedback from an impartial judge, recognition and certificate of completion.


We are here to help make this as simply as possible for you so that every student is able to easily participate in Spring Music Contests.

1) Fill out the Evaluative Auditon Application for song/piece selection
2) Make 3 videos. #1 First Piece, #2 Second Piece #3 scales/chords.
3) Submit videos to SJAA.

a) Upload to SJAA Google Classroom click NEW and select FILE UPLOAD
b) send directly to teacher or jason@stjosephartsacademy via Dropbox or
c) send an unlisted Youtube Link of your videos via text or email.

Put some thought and time into your video submissions.

TUNE UP! Practice with the backing tracks in advance.

Consider dressing for the occasion, backdrop/location and take your time to create the best video you can.

You can do as many “takes” as you want and choose your favorite. In many ways, students may actually work more time to create the video than it would take to walk on stage in recital to play it just once.

These videos could make a great memory and something to share with family and friends too.

Example video.

Play-a-long Tracks LINK. You can play-a-long with your selection for a “virtual” accompanist, duo or ensemble for your recordings. PLEASE BLEND THE VOLUME OF THE BACKING TRACK TO THE VOLUME OF THE LIVE MUSICIAN. Its easy to simply download tracks directly in Google Classroom.

Again, we are here to help all be successful with this and to make it easiest on all concerned. Just let us know if you need files sent more directly or need any help at all.

Thank you for participating in the 2020 St. Joseph Arts Academy Spring Music Contest and for supporting our advancing musicians. With so many year end events, concerts and recitals CANCELLED this season, this opportunity is more important than ever for our members.

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